Revolutionizing Cryogenic Systems

MagDrive's NASA-Proven Valve Technology

Headquartered in Montana, the MagDrive team knows about extreme cold. When the temperature drops to -40ºF in January, things start to break. However, we’re used to much colder environments in our work with cryogenic valves.

Extreme cold tests the limits of industrial equipment. Cryogenic applications involve temperatures so low they challenge the very essence of material science and mechanical engineering. Traditional valve systems, designed for more temperate operations, falter under such extreme conditions. Leakage, material contraction, and the ensuing safety hazards present significant barriers to efficiency and environmental safety. MagDrive's magnetically actuated valve technology, a marvel of engineering that promises zero-emission performance even in the harshest conditions, is leading a new way of thinking and opening the door to more reliable and best in class options for project engineers designing systems for space travel, industrial processing, medical testing, and other cryogenic applications.
The quick-disconnect valve is shown here undergoing cryogenic testing as part of the Phase II SBIR contract with Johnson Space Center.
Born from a collaboration with NASA, the MagDrive team (formerly working as Big Horn Valve) introduced a solution that is as elegant as it is effective: a stemless, magnetically actuated valve designed to thrive in cryogenic environments. This technology boasts a leak-proof seal unrivaled by traditional mechanisms. Its innovative design eliminates the stem—a common source of leaks in conventional valves—relying instead on magnetic forces to control valve operation. This not only enhances reliability but also significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

Our partnership with NASA was not just a test. It was a testament to the potential of our technology. Subjected to the rigorous conditions of space, where failure is not an option, our valves proved their mettle. This validation underlines the adaptability and resilience of MagDrive's valves, showcasing their suitability for the most demanding applications, terrestrial or otherwise.

Applications Beyond Space

While the vast expanse of space provided an initial proving ground, the applications of MagDrive's valve technology extend well into numerous industries on Earth. From the processing of liquefied natural gas, which demands utmost precision and safety, to the cutting-edge realms of aerospace engineering, our valves are setting new standards. Their versatility and reliability open doors to efficiency and safety improvements across a wide array of sectors.

The adoption of MagDrive's valves transcends operational enhancements; it is a stride towards environmental sustainability. By eliminating fugitive emissions, we're not just improving workplace safety; we're actively contributing to the preservation of our atmosphere. Moreover, the reduced maintenance and compliance costs associated with our technology offer financial benefits and peace of mind to our customers.

MagDrive's magnetically actuated valve technology is a paradigm shift in the design and operation of cryogenic systems. Proven in the unforgiving conditions of space and versatile enough for a wide range of terrestrial applications, our valves represent a future where efficiency and environmental responsibility are inextricably linked.

Join us as we explore this future. Discover how MagDrive's solutions can transform your operations, paving the way for a safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious industry.

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