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"Amazingly, nearly half of all fugitive emissions come from valve stem leaks. MagDrive's magnetically actuated valve drives have been proven and tested, in the harshest environments, to deliver zero emission performance. Welcome to the zero-e category. Welcome to MagDrive." 

Nick Runyon

-300° F

Cryogenic Application for NASA


Passed API 1800°F test with zero leaks


Capable of 1000+ in-lbs torque to turn any valve


Total Fugitive Emissions

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Magnetic Actuation

Leaking valves are the #1 source of fugitive emissions, loss of product, and EPA fines.  Sixty percent of all fugitive emissions come from valves, primarily from the valve stem. MagDrive eliminates the dynamic seals and exposed packing in any valve. By sealing the valve stem in a solid wall chamber, and operating the valves using magnetic actuation, MagDrive eliminates fugitive emissions at the source. 

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Our team is ready to help you tackle your project with zero-e solutions to eliminate fugitive emissions from your process. With some of the most recognized and respected leaders in the industry, MagDrive is available to explore your valve questions. Connect with us today at the link below.