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MagDrive is new, which means you have questions. We get it. In fact, we've already answered most of the biggest and hardest questions from industry experts. We've gathered the best of the best questions here to share our answers with you. 

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How does MagDrive work?
When MagDrive is installed, the valve stem is sealed in a solid wall chamber. We fit the valve stem with a magnetic array internally, and that is coupled with a magnetic array on the outside of the chamber. When the outer array is turned, the valve stem also turns through a combination of magnetic coupling and gear drives. The combination of magnetic coupling and gears produce enough torque to turn valves of any size or type. 
Is MagDrive operated manually, or with an actuator?
MagDrive is capable of manual operation, or when paired with an actuator, the valve can be operated mechanically.
Valves with MagDrive still have seals at the bonnet or valve body. Doesn't that present a possible leak source?
MagDrive solves the biggest source of leaks which is the dynamic seal around the valve stem. MagDrive eliminates the use of dynamic seals which are prone to leaks at a much greater rate than static seals. Similar to flanges, we use the best gaskets and testing to ensure that static seals don't leak. If this is absolutely critical for the operator, these seals can be welded together. However, our testing in extreme conditions (1800° F) has proven MagDrive to be leak free for more than 45,000 actuations. 
Can MagDrive achieve true zero emissions?
Yes, MagDrive valve drives can be installed on most existing and new valves, to achieve true zero fugitive emission performance. The valve stem is hermetically sealed within a solid wall chamber, eliminating any path for product to reach the outside world.
What sizes and pressures can MagDrive accommodate?

MagDrive is capable of being used in a wide range of sizes and pressures from 1/4" to 48" and beyond. MagDrive is currently available in 150-600 class valves.

Has MagDrive been tested? What were the results?

MagDrive was tested and passed multiple API tests, including the API Standard 622 (FE packing test in test fixture) and API Standard 624 (FE test of 622 packing in valve). MagDrive completed 44,000 full cycles during these tests without failure or leaking. MagDrive will continue to certify all new products coming to market. 

To read more about MagDrive capabilities, download our Capabilities Sheet Here

What is the maximum torque that can be delivered by the magnetic array?

MagDrive's patented designs can achieve more than 1000 ft-lb of torque and turn the largest of valves. 

How are the gear box internals protected from the fluid medium (e.g. – corrosion)?

Our magnetic arrays are fully encapsulated and produced with corrosion resistant materials to deliver many years of reliable operation. 

Where are the devices produced?

MagDrive is proudly Made in America. 

Is the technology patent protected?

Yes, after several years of research and development, MagDrive products are patent protected. 

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