We Don't Make Valves. We Make Valves Leak Free

We are the pioneer and leader of magnetically actuated valves that can be used in any industry, in any environment, in any application, including: 

  • Oil & Gas
  • Cryogenics
  • Petrochemical
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear Energy
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Making Zero-E a Reality

Fugitive greenhouse-gas emissions have long been an unintentional byproduct of the transportation, storage, and distribution of fossil fuels and chemical products. Fugitive emissions are a major contributor to climate change and have significant negative impact on the environment and public health.

Innovative Design

Our patented technology can be applied to any new or existing valve without disrupting your existing production process. 

Commercial Application

MagDrive Technology is available today for installation in just about any commercial application. We are currently installing new units in oil and natural gas field sites, potentially saving producers millions of dollars annually.

Eliminate the Leak Path

MagDrive seals any valve stem in a solid wall chamber, eliminating potential leak paths. Our products have been API-certified to stand up in the most demanding environments.

Zero-Emission Valves Are a Reality

MagDrive is the first magnetically actuated valve drive capable of producing the torque required to work in any production environment.


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